Children's Film Club Starts at Guildhall

Devonport Guildhall is inarguably the centre of the Devonport Community. A historic landmark of the community, it is now perusing a new venture to bring children and families in to the community. The Children’s Film Club is a club held on Saturday each month in the Devonport Guildhall, showing kid friendly films and playing games with the kids.

A test run for the full time club, a free version of the club showing Disney smash hit Frozen was held on Saturday July 12th and it was a huge success. “We got more numbers than we expected and the kids gave positive feedback and really enjoyed it” said Matthew Brazier, 18, a young volunteer who worked at the event.

This success is what prompted the club to become monthly, with a £10 fee to come to every event from August to December. Louise Evans, Venue Manager at Devonport Guildhall said “We’re very excited to have set the date for four more sessions and hope that membership to the club will be popular so we can continue its success by offering a safe, fun environment in which children can enjoy themselves!””

This is a move well received by parents, as it allows them a cheap, easy way to get their child out of the house for a few hours. Of course, the biggest positive this will have for the community is allowing people to meet, both children and parents. This is great for Devonport, and we hope it continues for a long time coming.


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