Do you want to be a baker? Apply here!

Based in the heart of Devonport, Column Bakehouse are looking for a head and night baker to join their current employees in delivering artisan produce. If you are not a baker and are interested in becoming one you can start of by joining a bread making course.

The award winning artisan bakery is open from Monday to Saturday from 10am – 4pm serving, homemade bread, cakes pastries and soup. We are supporting local farmers in using fresh source ingredients to make everything we sell.

Also if you have a free Tuesday or Friday why not pop down to the bakery and try their day specials. On Tuesday its ‘Souper Tuesday’, this is where you can enjoy some delicious homemade soup with chunks of artisan bread. If you fancy something else why not come down to the bakery and try ‘Pizza Friday’s, where you can have freshly prepared dough with a variety of toppings.

For more information on this please visit


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