Minister for Civil Society visits Social Enterprise city

Devonport Community First Partnership were privileged to welcome Rob Wilson MP, Civil Society Minister to Devonport Live café/venue on George Street on Thursday.

The Minister was visiting Plymouth to see social enterprise in action and to also speak with various businesses from the Social Enterprise Network.

The Minister spoke of the importance of community businesses such as the Devonport Live Café and Bikespace shop. He said, ‘These are the sort of ideas that can be made sustainable long term. My department, the Cabinet Office, is supporting to get businesses such as these off the ground.’

Gareth Hart, Director of Iridescent Ideas CIC and Chair of Plymouth Social Enterprise network was one of many high profile people to attend the event at Devonport Live café.

Gareth thought the Minister’s visit was well timed, considering that Plymouth is one of the first social enterprise cities in the country.

He said, ‘It is fantastic that the Minister has chosen to visit us here at Devonport Live Café, as he can see some of the exciting social enterprise businesses in Plymouth. The Devonport Live Café and Bikespace are leading examples of the work that’s going on as part of Plymouth's Social Enterprise City status. Having recognition at a national government level is really important to the area.'

At the end of the event, a presentation was held to honour David Feinduno who was awarded with the Points of Light Certificate after uniting communities in Plymouth through football.

As part of this, David received a letter from Prime Minister David Cameron to congratulate him on his fantastic achievement.

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