The Plymouth Octopus Project

The Plymouth Octopus Project (POP) is part of the Zebra Collective, based in Devonport Guildhall.

The Zebra Collective is a worker co-operative that has been running for 11 years; we have a mission to inspire change towards social justice. We have run the support services for the community and voluntary sector since 2013.

We believe in working to unite the s

ector, helping it to share its resources and use its expertise to be a partner in the development of services in Plymouth. We create and support networks across the city in areas such as children and young people, education and training, arts, the fairness commission and much more.

Since our beginning we have added POPideas to our resume. POPideas provide free training and business and funding advice to people and organisations working in the charity sector.

You can find out all the things we do at our website We now have a regular POP Thursday every third Thursday of the month where we have speakers, discussions, workshops, network meetings, networking and training.

As a company we are always thinking about ‘change’ in the sector. Measuring it – how much work it does, how much money it brings in, how many people it employs etc, so that everyone can see how valuable it is. This leads on to forming a new organisation for the sector, from any organisation that wants to get involved. Hopefully we can then leave a legacy of a robust and sustainable support system for social purpose organisations in Plymouth, working effectively with the public and private sectors. Going well so far! Please get in contact or come in to see us if you’d like to know more, or would like to join in.

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