Devonport’s Library Farm Shop

Devonport Live is now working in partnership with Tamar Valley Food Hubs and Tamar Grow Local to provide access to fresh and locally sourced produce.

The Café in the Library now holds a selection of stock including dry and tinned goods – as well as offering an ordering service which means you can get your food delivered to the café for collection the next day. Meaning you don’t have to wait around the house!

Tamar Grow Local is an online food hub for the Tamar Valley, designed to make buying local food easier for consumers and complementing the range of produce on offer at farmers markets in the area.

Tamar Valley Food Hubs is similar to a veg box scheme and online supermarket, based on a collection and home delivery system. It provides the best of seasonal Tamar Valley produce and offer opportunities for our customers to visit producers and take part in food related activities such as bee-keeping and orchard management. Tamar Valley Food Hubs is a non-profit making social enterprise made up of small-scale food and drink producers and their customers. By using them as part of your weekly shop, you will be directly supporting small producers and benefitting your community.

The Tamar Valley has a long history as a centre for food and flower production, which characterised its distinctive landscape (an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty). In its heyday in the 1950’s, before the advent of cheap oil, market gardening was a major industry in the area, supported by eight to ten thousand people, and with grower’s co-operatives of 600 members or so. The microclimate and long growing season supported many local varieties of fruit and flowers suited to this climate. We believe that this cultural heritage is very relevant in today’s changing climate, to understand ways to sustain and regenerate the landscape, community and local economy.

With the development of the Devonport Live partnership, Tamar Grow Local is looking to promote and encourage increased availability of sustainable and affordable local produce from the Tamar Valley to surrounding areas, including Devonport, Stonehouse and Plymouth and to spread awareness of the many benefits attached to the production, preparation and consumption of local food.

This project represents a key opportunity to provide a model for local food, promoting the principles of localism and local distinctiveness. The project has an opportunity to expand in a number of directions working with partners and local communities to deliver our vision, and could include establishing a local food hub to a major urban centre at Plymouth.

For more information about the Food Hubs project visit www.tamar

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