Plymouth Foodbank

Are you aware that the Plymouth Foodbank is one of our neighbours; it's about 500 yards away from the school in the Oasis Project on the other side of Union Street.

Last year Plymouth Foodbank helped more than seven and a half thousand people in financial crisis.

Each week nearly 90 people in Plymouth are given emergency food which will see them through at least three days. The days of people experiencing hardship across the city continues to rise.

While there are many reasons for people finding themselves in crisis and needing the help of the Foodbank the most common reasons are not homelessness and unemployment but low income and a delay to benefits. Last year 2,269 food parcels were handed out to individuals whose benefits had been help up and a further 1,605 parcels to people who were working yet on a very low income.

The Foodbank distributed the food in carrier bags but necessary changes to the law introducing charges for plastic bags has had a big impact; fewer people buying them means there are just not as many in circulation.

The Foodbanks needs about 600 carrier bags each week.

At the moment the Foodbank is living off donations of redundant old bags from some of the city's supermarkets but as you can appreciate this won't last. With little alternative to distributing so much food to so many people, the Foodbank has no choice but to buy carrier bags with its limited amount of resources.

Please can you help?

Please donate any surplus carrier bags you have - and those of your friends and family - to the Foodbank to help ensure that its money is spent where its best needed.

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